Yoga training and life coaching to manage stress, reduce anxiety and increase creativity.


 YOGA ENLIGHTS offers personalised yoga training and life coaching to improve your holistic health, manage stress, reduce anxiety and increase creativity.

Mind-body solutions to thrive in a busy world

Did you know that yoga can help you do much more than staying fit or toning your body? Such benefits have value, of course, yet they’re mostly by-products.

Yoga is versatile. It’s an ancient system for self-healing, an elaborated science… Yet, unless we start practising, we may not know all its gifts. Then, we do find out! Aligned with our intention, dreams and goals, yoga can grant us access to the endless potential of our spirit, body and mind.

My name is Alo Raptopoulos. I’m the creator of and director at YOGA ENLIGHTS. I’m a Holistic Health consultant, lecturer, trainer, author and singer-songwriter.

I can show you how to beat fatigue, low mood and other effects of toxic stress. You’ll also find out how to use yoga to boost your intuitive and creative powers.

Yoga and holistic coaching is the perfect combination to train body and mind together since we know they strongly influence -boost or hinder- one another.

I can help you nurture your whole health, so that you can gain the additional skills, knowledge and drive to improve and maintain your overall quality of life.

“Life changing! And certainly enlightening... A lot of my friends and family say that I’m a different person. That’s not all down to yoga because I wanted to change, but doing yoga has definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities.”
Chris Don
Director at Financial Media

The science of resilience

As far as everyone else is concerned, you’re doing great. Okay, true, but how are you actually feeling?

What keeps you motivated and brings you peace? How do you cultivate an unwavering and positive mindset, regardless of external circumstances? You and I know that third cup of coffee won’t do.

Would you like to learn simple practices to train or retrain an overloaded mind? Do you know how to relax, nourish and rejuvenate a devitalised body?

Many of us are affected by anxiety or stress, which can lead to isolation, low mood, even breakdown. Learn new ways to free your mind now, so you can focus on the people and things that matter to you.

The art of self-care

Sick days are costing UK employers about £29 billion a year. Yet the real cost isn’t just money. 

Employers have a duty to protect employees from the risk of injury to their mental health or wellbeing. Yet, many don’t know how to do this. CONTACT ME

Heavy deadlines, scarce resources, difficulty to switch off when working from home… All of these can contribute to a poor work-life balance. And while many can’t access the support they need, prevention isn’t part of mainstream healthcare.

So, I do help businesses and individuals to prevent depression, stroke, harmful stress, chronic illness, and reduce the risk of burnout in today’s society.

My Services

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.”

Aadil Palkhivala


COMMIT: Free yourself from stress, fatigue and anxiety. Reinvent your success with 1-to-1, personalised training and coaching


DEVELOP a forward-thinking and more compassionate model of corporate culture, by supporting staff wellbeing and resilience.


REJUVENATE and rise to a challenge while learning new skills, by joining my transformational retreats in stunning locations, worldwide.


IMPROVE person-centered care, recovery and support, by offering evidenced-based interventions that keep people in their lives.


RAISE your brand or event profile; promote healthy, conscious living, by inspiring and giving back your local community.

What I do

I train inspiring people who seek to attune to the very best version of themselves, according to their own values and vision.

You have a goal? Let’s go from here to there: raise your health, lifestyle or performance, overcome trauma or manage illness… 

If you want to enhance or start a creative practice, I’ll bring out your inner light and remind you how to let it shine. Get in touch.

If you’re an employer, let’s support, nurture and retain your staff. Leaders? Doctors? I’ll help you prevent teams’ stress-related issues and manage your own. Improved job satisfaction, for all.

Public services wonder how to increase people’s independence. A yoga class can complement any care package or treatment. Is your workforce demotivated or exhausted? My wellbeing and resilience training courses will help them cope and feel better. 

Alo Raptopoulos
"I strongly recommend YogaEnlights. I've been struggling with yoga but I loved it after a couple of sessions with Alo. She made it possible for everyone to make the most out of the classes. Both beginners and yoga people with a lot of experience. Enjoy... "
Marie Friberg
Community Leader

Yoga helps millions of people worldwide stay healthy, but sometimes its essence gets lost.