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Yoga to manage stress, reduce anxiety and prevent burnout

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Yoga Enlights brings together the transformational power of yoga and the latest research in neurobiology to manage stress and reduce anxiety. This can help you live a healthier and happier life, right now.

I offer freeing and self-empowering Mind-Body training and programmes, for individuals and employers.

How are you feeling?

As far as everyone else can see, you’re doing great. True… but how are you actually feeling?

What keeps you motivated and brings you peace? How do you cultivate a mindset that enables you to feel consistently good, thrive at work, savour your leisure and truly appreciate loved ones’ company? That third cup of coffee can only go so far…

Whatever it is that we cherish the most, we know we can’t enjoy it fully if we keep overloading our mind, neglecting our body and running ourselves into the ground to accommodate everyone else. We may only realise this when we get a painful wake-up call (stroke, chronic illness…) or burnout, like I once did.

Lack of self-care is often put down to lack of time, organisation, self-awareness, or even self-worth… But are individuals solely responsible for dealing with or managing stress, low motivation, anxiety…?

Tick... Tick... Boom.

Sick days are costing UK employers about £29 billion a year, according to government studies.

Many HR and health professionals blame the growing pressure of modern work requirements. Heavy deadlines, resource constraints, the inability to ‘switch off’ when working from home… All of which contribute to a poor work-life balance.

Employers are nevertheless under an obligation to protect their employees from the risk of injury to their mental health, caused by the development of depression or anxiety as a result of work-related stress. Similar legislation exists in other countries, but not all employers know how to meet this duty.

Meanwhile, global events have further increased the pressure on mainstream healthcare services. Many people aren’t receiving the support or care they need to overcome anxiety or handle distress. 

Who I am

My name is Alo Raptopoulos and I’m the director at Yoga Enlights.

My holistic and self-empowering method for stress, fatigue and anxiety reduction mixes various types of yoga and holistic health coaching. Its aim is to train not only the body or the mind, but both of them together.

I’m a Holistic Health consultant, lecturer, yoga teacher, writer and trainer. I’ve been working in healthcare, higher education, personal and staff development for 17 years. I specialise in stress and anxiety management, burnout prevention and trauma healing.

Did you know that you can use yoga to do much more than staying fit or toning your body? Such benefits have value, but they’re just by-products!

Yoga is an elaborated science which, applied to our daily life, can grant us access to the endless potential of our body, mind and spirit.

I was called to discover that potential 20 years ago, while having to manage severe anxiety and trying to recover from burnout. Read my story.

“Life changing! And certainly enlightening... A lot of my friends and family say that I’m a different person. That’s not all down to yoga because I wanted to change, but doing yoga has definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities.”
Chris Don
Director at Financial Media

What I do

I train individuals who seek to attune to the best version of themselves, according to their own goals, values and vision.

I advise employers and leaders on how to nurture, support and retain staff. I offer training for teams to facilitate the prevention of health-related risks and issues, and promote best practice.

I partner with public services to help improve independence and resilience. My therapeutic interventions complement care and treatments. I also train staff to help maintain their wellbeing.

I enable people to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’, whatever the goal may be: from optimising their health, reducing stress or anxiety, increasing motivation… to overcoming traumas, or managing chronic illness, improving lifestyle or preventing a breakdown….

I bring-up people’s inner light and remind them how to let it shine. I help deconstruct limiting beliefs and thought patterns that can be magnified by tired or restless minds. Get in touch.

"I was particularly impressed –as someone relatively new to yoga– with Alo's sensitive, detailed and effective teaching, which somehow managed to suit both beginners and the experienced. It improved my health and my yoga exponentially, and my attitude towards it.

I welcomed the combination of subtle and supportive encouragement which recognised one’s physical limitations, but nonetheless made you achieve more than you thought you were capable of. I've gained a lot and enjoyed it tremendously. An enriching experience..."
Mick Flynn
Public Events Manager

Do you sometimes feel like your own mind is somehow deceiving or controlling you?

My Services

“True yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life. Yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived.”

Aadil Palkhivala


COMMIT: PRESS RESET! Free your mind and body from anxiety and stress with my 1-to-1 programme, tailored to your needs and goals.


DEVELOP healthier and more productive models of corporate culture, by improving leaders' and teams' wellbeing and resilience.


REJUVENATE, relax and eliminate stress, by joining our inspiring and transformational yoga retreats in stunning, worldwide locations.


IMPROVE patient-centered care, support and recovery, by offering my evidenced-based interventions that can increase independence.


RAISE your -public and private- special events' profile, by promoting healthy and more conscious living, which benefits your community.

Yoga helps millions of people worldwide to stay strong and healthy, but its essence can get lost.

"What an amazing experience I had at Alo's Yoga Retreat. The venue was awesome. Being a very intermittent beginner I was slightly nervous that everyone would put me to shame, but the opposite was true.

Alo held us all throughout each session and I felt wonderful. By the end of the retreat I felt healthier, had eaten gorgeous food and met wonderful new friends... BRILLIANT!"
Emily Williams
Director At Doing Good Catering