"Life changing! Certainly enlightening. A lot of my friends and family say that I’m a different person. That’s not all down to yoga because I wanted to change, but doing yoga with Alo has definitely opened my eyes to new possibilities. Chris

       Whether you are new to yoga or a regular practitioner, Alo will support you so that you can:

  • Build-up your yoga practice and skills, to maximise physical and emotional health benefits

  • Increase your focus, clarity and strength; to improve decision-making and cognitive ability

  • Regain a sense of self-mastery and empowerment, regardless or external circumstances

  • Reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety, to help improve your sleep, diet and relationships

  • Feel calmer, happier, more balanced and, overall, more in tune and content with your life.

 "I love Yoga Enlights. I was impressed by Alo's teachings, professionalism and ability to bring yoga alive for me. She was confident in tailoring all our yoga sessions to the varying levels. They were energizing and stimulating. Alo comes across as a creative, warm, experienced and able teacher, with great insight, gentleness and compassion towards each individual." Tracy 

       By maintaining a regular practice, you'll also be able to

  • Reduce the symptoms of degenerative illness or chronic pain

  • Mend or minimise the ongoing impact of long-term injuries

  • Recover from emotional trauma and/or any kind of addiction

"Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down."
Jigar Gor

Image: Paul King

A balanced mixture of traditional and modern knowledge

Alo completed her 500 hour Teacher Training with Omprakash Gaur who's been teaching Hatha and Iyengar yoga for 20 years. He's the founder of Aum Yoga, a school in Goa where people come from all over the world to learn and deepen their understanding of the Self. Om makes a connection between neuromuscular activity and the energy centres (chakras). He brings together his modern knowledge of anatomy and the traditional yogic techniques.