Our Mission

We take an inclusive and empowering approach to yoga, because we believe that anyone can benefit from its transformative impact on body, mind and spirit.

Yoga for anyone, anywhere.

Yoga Enlights is a mobile yoga studio. Our weekly classes are delivered in various locations, across London. Private sessions, tailored to your individual needs, can also be booked. You can join our fun workshops at festivals (Glastonbury, ALSO, Small World Solar Stage...) and our special yoga retreats, all over the world.
Who and how do we serve?
We can help you take your motivation, skills and practice to the next level. We'll also deliver classes, workshops or retreats on your behalf, e.g. if you're a business owner or an event organiser. Our programmes  are designed to suit the respective abilities of beginners, intermediate, or regular practitioners. We work with athletes, to help them optimise their overall performance, and sometimes with children.
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