'Find Your True Voice' Yoga & Self-Empowerment Retreat
in Mexico City and Mazatlán, 03-14 or 06-14 July 2021

Are you ready to express your unique talents and share your gifts with the world?

Have you been thinking for a while about contributing in your own unique way to others' wellbeing or education in your local community or on a larger scale? Do you feel doing so would benefit you and your life purpose equally?

At times, the same questions and doubts arise: “Who am I to think that I can be the change I so often want to see in the world? "How come I have not achieved it yet?" "Is there something I'm missing, something I need to change?”


As you've probably heard before, ongoing obstacles can't be overcome with the same mindset that created them. We need to reach beyond the conditioned responses of the human mind that tend to keep us bound to what we know and feels safe; beyond some conscious or unconscious limiting self-beliefs, which we can learn to overcome.

Thus, the most relevant question here is: “I am ready… or will I wait another two, five or ten years to share my unique gifts with the world?" If you want to optimise your physical, psychological and emotional health to this aim, this retreat will help you acquire the mindset and strength you need to realise your short and long-term goals.

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"A message of love and gratitude to Yoga Enlights for organising and running a beautiful week long retreat in Essaouira, Morocco. The yoga was energetic and the sound bathing was soothing which provided the perfect combo of yin and yang. The accommodation was very nice and the food provided by our very own chef Maria was delicious. I left feeling rich, nourished and grounded." Sunny

Would you like to develop the attitude, skills and mindset to go from where you are now to where you want to be?

The ongoing world events have left many of us feeling restless and anxious. Yet, challenges and adversity have the capacity to help us bring about positive changes and progress in our lives, even during those times of uncertainty.

This retreat will help you realign with your dreams and aspirations, while boosting your physical and emotional health. Confinement did not exactly benefit our body and mind. Relationships with self and others have been harshly tested. It's time to press the reset button and allow ourselves to reconnect with our hearts' longing, while soothing our minds.

If being of service to others is part of your current goals, all the better. Yet, it is not necessary to take part in this retreat. When you are healthier and happier, everyone around you automatically benefits. You become a light that shines for others, which is a gift in itself. Yet, to do so requires focus, practice and a solid, ongoing connection with your true Self.

This event is not just about enjoying a deserved and long-awaited holiday, although that's definitely part of it! You'll be committing to 9-12 days of intense and sometimes challenging, but freeing mind-reprogramming practices, surrounded by like-minded people. Some limiting thinking patterns and beliefs will dissolve. They will make room for self-empowerment, inner peace and greater confidence, enabling you step into the limitless power of your true nature.


"The Morocco yoga retreat was of the highest quality; I was particularly impressed – as someone relatively new to yoga – with Alo's sensitive, detailed and effective teaching which somehow managed to suit both beginners and the experienced. It improved my yoga exponentially and my attitude towards it." Mick

Here are some examples of what you will have gained by the end of the retreat:

*A boost in creative expression and conscious manifestation - If you currently feel stuck, it will help you get out of a rut. If you want to expand or grow, it will enhance the value of what you’re already doing and you'll have more fun doing it.

* Using your intuition – i.e. 'inner guidance', ‘true North’, ‘inner compass’ - to take meaningful action, identify or reconnect with your life purpose, and more consistently allow the unfolding of your (short and long-term) goals.


* Knowledge of how to sustain vibrant physical and emotional health, e.g. a strong body, a more relaxed mind...


* Clarity regarding relationships; a capacity to nurture those that are beneficial to you and say 'no' to toxic ones


* Deeper healing to overcome past trauma, through the powerful practice of yoga, e.g. embracing the inner child


* Increased assertiveness and confidence, to challenge self-limiting beliefs or negative thought/behavioural patterns


* The ability to 'ask and receive' from your spiritual Guides: trust and courage to start achieving your dreams NOW.

Alo's empowering approach to yoga, and her own experience with facing and overcoming adversity since young age, can help you overcome obstacles that may currently hinder your capacity to release your full potential, achieve long-term goals and live a happier life. Coaching practices will also help harness the mindset that leads to personal success.

"What an amazing experience I had at Alo's Morocco Yoga Retreat. The venue was awesome and being a very intermittent beginner I was slightly nervous that everyone would put me to shame, but the opposite was true because Alo held us all, throughout each session and I felt wonderful. By the end of the retreat I felt healthier, eaten gorgeous vegan food, met wonderful new friends and experienced Morocco's beautiful souks, shops and beaches. BRILLIANT! Thank you." Emily

Your Host and Lead Instructor – Alo Raptopoulos

Alo is the Director and Lead Instructor at Yoga Enlights. She's a Wellbeing consultant, Personal Development expert, university lecturer, philanthropist, author, musician, singer-songwriter, actress... Her LinkedIn profile will tell you more about her academic and corporate achievements than about her spiritual journey, partly for what she will share with you can only be appreciated through personal experience. Alo will show you how to empower yourself, to go from where you are now to what and who you want to be. She'll help you reconnect with your dreams and nurture your aspirations, by optimising your holistic health. Check her reviews: https://www.facebook.com/Yogaenlights/reviews/

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"Alo is a fantastic yoga teacher and yogi! Attentive to the needs of everybody in the class. I went on her retreat in Turkey and had a wonderful time. Alo is caring and passionate about yoga and its benefits, and I have taken away a lot of knowledge to help me in my own practice." Mel

Accommodation in Mazatlán

To help prevent the spread of Covid19, and for added comfort, participants will be split into separate accommodation where they will have enhanced privacy and control. Two condominiums are located in Gaviotas - a safe and lively, yet quiet area in the 'Golden Zone' of Mazatlán. They are only a short distance away from one another. A third condo is located on a nearby Golf course and has swimming pool access. All the yoga workshops are delivered outdoors -on one of the condos’ roof-top- early morning and late afternoon (8.30am and 5.00pm) so as to avoid high-temperatures.


Accommodation in México

This is a beautifully renovated apartment located in one of the main, tree-lined streets in 'La Condesa', the trendiest neighbourhoods in Mexico City. It is very safe and lively, with coffee shops, restaurants, galleries and markets at your doorstep. Both Twin and Double rooms are available. The kitchen is fully-equipped if you want to prepare your meals. There is a nicely decorated living/dining room, with cable TV, strong WIFI and a small, yet enjoyable and sunny patio.
There is lots of natural light and new furniture, including very comfortable beds and linen. Please note: the number of places in this flat are limited so you must reserve quickly (if you book OPTION 2). Subject to final number of bookings, another great apartment in Coyoacán -Mexico's old historic centre - may also be used to accommodate more guests.


Food and Drinks

In Mazatlán, a copious brunch (after morning yoga) and tasty dinner will be served at specific times: two delicious and fresh Vegan or Vegetarian meals, prepared daily by our local Chef. (Indicate your preference when booking, please). Brunch, instead of lunch - which would otherwise be served at a time where the sun is the highest - means you will have more freedom to choose how you want to organise your time when you are not attending a class or workshop.

In each of the 2 Bedroom accommodation there is a fully-equipped kitchen, enabling everyone to store their own food, and cook or reheat their own meals at their convenience. There will be no incentive to depend on or mix with the larger group during meals, if you sometimes prefer not to: social distancing will always remain a possible option.

There are no meals included in Mexico City, but you will be able to cook your own meals in our well-equipped kitchen. There are plenty of amazing restaurants in a walking distance of our accommodation, serving the best Mexican food.

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Each private accommodation in Mazatlán includes:

* Comfy Queen size beds and very large closets

* 2 bathrooms with showers (one per room) in each of the 2 Bedroom condo

* Air conditioning (AC) in all the rooms

* Tranquility/privacy: condos are located in modern buildings, on quiet and private streets (no-outlets) or golf course

* Buildings are kept cleaned and each condo is fully cleaned by staff mid-week; cleaning products are also provided

* Great location: in the heart of Gaviotas (Mazatlán' 'Golden Zone'): cosy, quiet, friendly and secure neighbourhood

* Very close to the beach: 2 blocks/4-minute walk

* 4-minute walk to local shops and restaurants

* Fully equipped kitchen, with pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, stove, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, fridge/freezer

* Access to a roof terrace, with partial view of the ocean (4th floor), where the classes/workshops take place every day

* Private laundry room with washer and dryer

* Large and very clean towels

* Strong and stable WIFI

* Cable/Smart TV (40") with México/USA Channels + Netflix

* Note: only one parking space is assigned to each condo. They will be allocated on a 'first-come, first-served' basis.

What's included? We have different packages and offers to suit everyone's needs, schedule and means.

OFFER 1 – 9 Day ‘Find Your True Voice’ Retreat in Mazatlán (Sinaloa, Pacific Coast, México) from 06-14 July 2021 Price: £700 per person for two people in a Double Room OR £1150 per person in a Single room with Double bed

* Welcome Ceremony

* 2 X (90/75 mins) Yoga session, daily – Mixed styles: AM: Ashtanga - PM: Hatha & Iyengar

* 3 X Personal & Professional Development workshop (e.g. similar to Group Coaching)

* Outdoor adventures/activities (boat trips, surfing…) for an added fee. Please, share your interest(s) when booking.

* Creative Self-expression will be strongly encouraged: music, dance, spoken words, story-telling… Name it! Bring your own music instrument if you have one. Part of our practice will involve sharing and exploring our hidden talents.

* Closing Ceremony

* Transportation to and from the airport

* 8 nights' accommodation (06-14 July) in 2 Bedroom condo - with optional access to swimming pool and golf court

* 2 delicious, Vegan/Vegetarian and organic meals, made by our local Chef. (Indicate your preference when booking.)

OFFER 2 – 11 Day ‘Find Your True Voice’ Retreat in Mexico City & Mazatlán (Sinaloa, Pacific Coast) from 03-14 July Price: £900 per person for two people in a Double Room OR £1350 per person in a Single room with Double bed

SAME as OPTION 1 + the following BONUSES:

* 1 x (120 minutes) Yoga & Meditation workshop in Mexico City, daily

* 2 X 1-to-1 Consultation sessions (similar to Coaching), to gain added clarity and draw your Personal Action Plan

* 11 nights' accommodation (03-14 July) in 2 Bedroom condo - with optional access to swimming pool and golf court

* 2 delicious, Vegan/Vegetarian and organic meals, made by our local Chef. (Indicate your preference when booking.)

Daily Timetable

08:30 – 10:00 Ashtanga yoga

10:15 – 11:15 Full Power Brunch

16:00 –17:00  Personal Development workshop (Options 1 & 2) or 1-to-1 Consultation (Option 2)

17:00 – 18:15 Hatha or Iyengar yoga 

18:30 – 19:30 Gourmet Dinner

What you will love about the location in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a favourite vacation spot for explorers all year round. It has great weather: mostly, sunny and warm, with average temperature of 27° Celsius. Founded in 1531, it started as a fishing town and developed into a commercial seaport. It is one of Mexico's popular cities by the Pacific Ocean, with its old colonial architecture, multiple beaches and beautiful Malecon (esplanade along the waterfront ). Breathtaking sunrises and sunsets can be watched from Mazatlán's unique Glass Floor Viewpoint, located at the top of one of the largest natural lighthouses in the world.

Mazatlán has many galleries and artists' studios. The Museo del Arte exhibits both Mexican and international artists. You will enjoy the Plaza Machado in the historic downtown, surrounded by many restaurants with live entertainment. Many cultural events take place at the beautifully restored Angela Peralta Theater nearby. This is also an ideal area to explore by foot and admire the restored buildings of colonial Mazatlan, all within a walking distance from the condos.

There are plenty of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants at a walking distance of the accommodation. The Gaviotas neighbourhood - located in the 'Zona Dorada' ('Golden Zone') of Mazatlán - is cozy, and secure. You are two short blocks away from sunny beaches, such as Playa Cerritos, Playa Barras de Piatxla, Playa Olas Altas, Playa Norte and Playa Camarón. If you are into Surfing or Diving, you should also visit Playa Norte, Playa Gaviotas or Playa Venados.

Public transportation is only a 3-minute walk from our front door. Most bus rides cost no more than 10 to 15 Mexican pesos (less than 1 US Dollar) and they go everywhere, in and around the city. As well as the usual Taxis and Ubers are the Pulmonias: gas-powered open-air taxis that look like souped up golf carts. Most have stereos and drive around with the music volume cranked up! Unique to Mazatlán, Pulmonias are great for short journeys across tourist zones.

Additional info:

What you will love about the location in Mexico City (if you select OPTION 2)

La Condesa is said to be the trendiest neighborhood in Mexico city. It is definitely one of the most charming, hip and cosmopolitan areas. The street life of Condesa is incomparable (especially, in a city not known for being pedestrian-friendly) with its tree-lined streets, open-air cafes, and clean sidewalks and streets. The apartment, surrounded by cafés and bars, is at walking distance of some of the city's best restaurants. It is safe and centrally located, with easy access to all major sites in Mexico City. It's one block away from the market, 3 blocks from park and 5 blocks from the subway.

There so many things to do and sites to visit in México City that it can be overwhelming to try and figure them all out. These are some of the many activities you can enjoy all year long:

* Take a tour to Mexico City’s oldest downtown and neighbourhoods
* Visit the house where Frida Kahlo lived and died
* Have a medieval style diner and magic show at the Mesón del Cid
* Enjoy brunch at Fifty Mils, one of the world’s favourite bars
* Marvel at the murals in the Palace of Fine Arts
* Discover university theatre at The National Autonomous University of México
* Search for antiques at La Lagunilla, one of the most famous open air markets
* Visit old bookstores in the Historic Centre and the artisanal market, La Ciudadela
* Take a spin class in altitude, at the highest point of several skyscrapers
* Exercise in Chapultepec Forest - Climb, run and sweat at its open-air gyms
* Walk among pre-hispanic deities at the Templo Mayor
* Enjoy 'Little Venice' in Xochimilco, named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987

Flights & connections

OPTION 1: If you come from Europe or the US, the cheapest way to go to Mazatlán by far is to fly to México City first, and then fly to Mazatlán - General Rafael Buelna International Airport (MZT) from there.

OPTION 2: Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez (MEX / MMMX) is the international airport that serves México City. Do not forget: you must also book a domestic flight from México to Mazatlán for 06 July, ideally in the morning so you can meet the rest of the group that same day. Failure to do so before landing in Mexico City may result in delays.

Make sure you book your flights with airlines who will give you a refund or voucher for the value of your booking(s), should you find yourself under travelling restrictions due to Covid19. Most national or major airlines offer this service.

Yoga Enlights’ commitment to prevent the transmission of Covid19

  • All rooms are properly ventilated and sanitised before the guests' arrival

  • Appropriate cleaning supplies are used and provided to guests

  • Hands washing before and after all group and individual sessions

  • Protective equipment, when and where necessary

  • All linens washed at the highest heat setting possible

  • We dust the communal space and sweep/vacuum the floor regularly

  • All hard surfaces cleaned with sanitising cleaning products

  • All soft surfaces cleaned or treated with appropriate cleaning products

  • ALL workshops/classes and activities are taking place outdoors

  • Protective masks are worn and available, except during workshops/classes

  • Social distancing, except between people from the same household.