"Alo is a wonderful teacher. One of the best yoga classes I’ve ever taken. A beautiful balance of her soothing energy and flowing practice, and the best final relaxation I’ve ever experienced. I can’t recommend her enough, try her class you won’t be disappointed." Sam

"What an amazing experience I had at Alo's Morocco Yoga Retreat. The venue was awesome and being a very intermittent beginner I was slightly nervous that everyone would put me to shame, but the opposite was true because Alo held us all, throughout each session and I felt wonderful. By the end of the retreat I felt healthier, eaten gorgeous vegan food, met wonderful new friends and experienced Morocco's beautiful souks, shops and beaches. BRILLIANT! Thank you Alo. Emily

"I enjoyed the morning yoga at Glastonbury Festival from Yoga Enlights. It was the perfect start to the day... Nourishing and energising. I would recommend these classes to others." Ollie

"I have just taken two Yoga Enlights' yoga classes at the ALSO festival. I loved Alo's teachings, so engaging and accepting of everyone’s level. I am sure everyone came away feeling that they had achieved something. Your sessions truly made my weekend." Elizabeth
"My ongoing lessons from Alo have forced me to record my tremendous admiration for her skills and abilities. Yoga has, thanks to her, been a revelation. If you are new and uncertain the experience will delight you. Demonstrably she also caters for those who, unlike me, are more flexible and experienced. Fun, relaxation, achievement and satisfaction - what’s not to like." Mick
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